Medical Services


Brodstone Healthcare has 24/7 Anesthesia coverage. There are three Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists who provide these services.

Services we provide

General anesthesia

  • IV sedation in the areas of the operating rooms, emergency room and diagnostic imaging 
  • Regional anesthesia
    a.  Neuraxial blocks – spinal and epidural blocks
    b.  Peripheral nerve blocks – brachial plexus blocks for shoulder surgery, Bier blocks for and surgery, and adductor canal blocks for lower leg and knee surgery
  • Obstetric anesthesia
    a.  Epidural and Intrathecal blocks for labor pain
    b.  Epidural, spinal or general anesthesia for cesarean section delivery
  • Intravenous access
    a.  Regular venous access
    b.  Placement of Midline Intravenous catheters
    c.  Placement of PICC central intravenous catheters
  • Emergency airway management for floor and emergency room care

Interventional Pain Management Services for lumbosacral low back pain

  • Services include but are not limited to Epidural steroid injection, diagnostic medial branch nerve blocks (MBBs), transforaminal injection, sacroiliac injection, and facet joint injection. All are performed under fluoroscopic guidance.