Medical Services


The Brodstone Laboratory provides in-house laboratory testing and consulting pathology services to both inpatients and outpatients around-the clock. Our laboratory professionals provide timely and high quality laboratory test results. Our services often are the foundation of a patient’s diagnosis and treatment.

Please call the Laboratory to make an appointment: 402-879-4432 extension 5189. Our drawing station hours are 7am – 5pm. We require an order from your physician before specimen collection. When you make an appointment, we check with your physician ahead of time to see what lab tests are needed, and can complete your visit in a more prepared, efficient manner. Check-in for lab services is at our north entrance, with ample parking north of our facility. After checking in, find the Laboratory by taking the Brodstone Healthcare hallway with the skylight above. Our Laboratory waiting room is the third door on the right.

Fasting is required for some lab tests for example glucose, lipid panel, triglyceride, or glucose tolerance tests. Fasting means you should not eat or drink anything before your blood is drawn (it is okay to drink water). Usually a 9-12 hour fast is recommended.

Therapeutic drug monitoring (TDM) is the measurement of specific drugs at timed intervals, to help your physician tailor your dosage to your current needs. The effectiveness of TDM requires blood to be drawn at an appropriate time. Examples of therapeutic drug monitoring are levels for Dilantin, Theophylline, Digoxin, or Valproic Acid. For many drug levels the blood sample should be drawn just prior to the next dose.

For questions about whether you need to be fasting or for the appropriate time if you are having TDM testing please call the Lab at 402-879-4432 extension 5189.

Click here to download an explanation of blood tests (PDF).